Shrimp Bits SAS

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A Food For Shrimp Health

Now available in 15g, 25g and 50g sizes


  • Trigger a shrimp’s appetite with this potent food
  • Garlic and clover added
  • Pungent and aromatic 
  • Feeds the fussiest of shrimps
Nutrition Content
Protein 10%
Fibre 5%
Fat 2%
Ash 0%

Shrimpy Bits is a premium shrimp food, made from the highest quality Australian-grown organic ingredients including kale, soy, spinach, peas, spirulina, garlic, astaxanthin and bee pollen.

Also contains responsibly sourced Atlantic krill and fish meal with mineral and fortified vitamin mix to provide the ultimate in nutrition for promoting health, growth and colour.

Suitable for all caridina and neo caridina species


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