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Great White Wavemaker

Great White Wavemakers in all sizes

Great White Wavemakers in all sizes


The Great White Wavemaker

Flow is the most important component of any thriving aquarium. With the flawless history behind both the GREAT WHITE SKIMMERS and GREAT WHITE RETURN PUMPS we now introduce the highly anticipated GREAT WHITE WAVEMAKER + NEM/FISH GUARD

Efficient - Controllable- Reliable

4 Flow Modes - Constant, pulse, gyre and random modes

Detachable Controller - Waterproof union connection and adhesives for cabinet installation

Integrated Memory - Keeps programming even during power outages.

Feed Mode - Shuts down for 10, 20 and 30 minutes.

Super Quiet Operation - Literally whisper quiet at less than 5 decibels

Anenome and Fish Guard - Includes a free mesh cover for extra protection against a roaming fish or coral



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