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Blue Life Regenerable Resins

BLUE LIFE Regenerable Resins - Prevention is the best cure!

BLUE LIFE Regenerable Resins - Prevention is the best cure!


Phosphate Fx:

Most cost effective phosphate media on the market
Highest adsorption capacity
Rapid adsorption twice as fast as GFO
No clumping or disintegrating
Will not leach, ever!
Spherical beads allow excellent contact time
Long lasting and durable
Safe for both fresh & saltwater
Can be regenerated 6 or more times!


Nitrate Fx:

Prevents Algae Overgrowth
Reduce and Extend Maintenance Intervals
Regenerable Multiple TImes
Safe and Effective Way
to Lower Nitrates


Organic Fx

Removes Unwanted Organics
Reduces Creation of Nitrates
Aids in water clarification
Increases Oxygen Levels
Helps eliminate/prevent algae growth
Improves livestock health, vibrancy and colour
May be regenerated 6 or more times


Softener Fx

100% Freshwater Softening Resin
Beneficial for Aquatic Plants
Removes unwanted minerals
Reduces C02 Use
Helps lower Ph
Promotes Fish Vitality
Enhances Fish Colors
Essential for Fish Breeding
Regenerable for repeated use 6 times or more


Regen Fx

Regenerate all the Blue FX resins with our Regen Fx regeneration kit. This kit provides enough regeneration material to regenerate up to 4 x 500 ML jars of Blue Life FX regenerable resins.

How to Regenerate Your Resins:

Download the Best Use Guide Below: