Small In One Peninsula 4L

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- 20cm x 15cm x 15cm

4mm Glass Display Tank
Filtration Compartment
200lph adjustable output return pump with a directional flow nozzle.
3-Stage Media Basket
Water Level Indicator
Self-Leveling Foam mat 

- 10W LED Light
- 200lph return pump
- New Light with Flexible Mounting Bracket
- 50GPH Adjustable Output Return Pump with a Directional Flow Nozzle
- Polycarbonate Display Lid

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Care Instructions

Slow, calm and steady. This is a micro tank so please be sure to always remove any filter media, pumps or lights with utmost care.

Always use pre-cycled bio media, and always have a spare glass or RO ready for almost daily ritual top-ups (saltwater tanks only).

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Finally in Australia! The 4 Litre Micro All-In-One Peninsula. Perfect for any desktop, or bedside table. The Small-In-One is made with high-quality 4mm Glass, which means it's easier than ever to clean. Each aquarium is equipped with an evaporation cover, newly designed light including a flexible mounting bracket, water level indicator, and 220LPH adjustable output return pump with a directional flow nozzle. This tank is designed with longevity in mind. Experience the magic of a desktop Oasis for yourself!