Micro Desktop Tank 1.2L

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  • 14.5cm x 9.4cm x 20.3cm


  • Fully Functional 3-Compartment Sump Filtration
  • Dual Drain Return
  • 3W USB Powered 50GPH Adjustable Return Pump
  • Polycarbonate Display Lid
  • 10W Switchable LED with Adjustable Mounting & Light Intensity
  • Water Level Height Indicator

Accessory Box:

  • Cleaning Tool
  • Set-Up Card
  • USB Power Block
  • Micro USB Cable

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Care Instructions

Slow, calm and steady. This is a micro tank so please be sure to always remove any filter media, pumps or lights with utmost care.

Always use pre-cycled bio media, and always have a spare glass or RO ready for almost daily ritual top-ups (saltwater tanks only).

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The Micro Reef-Ready Tank includes a built in overflow and plumbing set up just like a full-size reef tank. Flow issues in the small display tank have been solved by using laser cut 1/4in tubing that rotates 90° for optimal flow direction. The sump optimizes equipment and filtration allowing the use of filter pads, media, and more.

  • 14.5cm x 9.4cm x 20.3cm