X4 + Rear Arm LED Bundle

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Key Features

Massive UV and deepest blues (saltwater)

Brightest reds and clearest RGBW (freshwater)

24 hours of weather realism

WYSIWYG camera mode

Dalua ecosystem server access

DBR lens, lifetime warranty

LED control room global access and sharing

Sturdy, no bend, midnight black rear arm


Dimensions - 24.34cm x 24.34cm x 3.78cm

Power Consumption - 120 @ max output

Power Cable Length - 10ft

Arm Stretch - 45cm

Arm height - 45cm

What’s in the box:

1 x Illumagic X4

1 x Power cord

1 x Meanwell power supply

1 x Rear Arm

Shipping Info

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Care Instructions

We stand by our lifetime warranty on all lenses and 2-year warranty on all other parts.

Every month we suggest removing dust and salt spray from the top of the device using a damp cloth. Cleaning out the condensation inside grooves on top of the unit with an air compressor on low setting is also good practice every 6 months.

It is suggested to always have ample ventilation for your power supply. Try not to push up close to any metal or wood and try not to cover with anything.

External fans or extraction of heat is always welcomed.

Cloud control from anywhere

Lifetime warranty lenses

24/7 live chat and support

Over 100,000 happy aquariums

WYSIWYG Camera Mode

Picture captured with the WYSIWYG mode inside the DALUA Ecosystem app. Courtesy of @reefer_nyc

Vitamini 48" LED strips and universal holders also pictured.

Sturdy no bend midnight black aluminium rear arm. Sleek and seamless above any aquarium.


Every aquarium you own is just a touch away. Share access to your aquariums. Help your staff or clients control theirs. Perfect for stores, staff and maintenance Rely on no one person, grant and deny access instantly. Community-driven competitions within the DALUA ECOSYSTEM app with “Tank of the Month”. Get your tank shared globally.

Lifetime Warranty Lenses

Diffusion by refraction (DBR) lens technology. But who cares about fancy names, we let our warranty do the talking. Lifetime warranty on every single Illumagic lens ever sold. This goes across all of our LED lighting range. 

Oh yeh, and with a crystal clear lens comes zero loss of PAR. Efficient just got more efficient.

Everything included plug and play.

Total coverage = 2 feet squared