Jag Aquatics Complete Pro Fertilisers

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The most complete fertiliser range

Now available in 500ml, 250ml, 125ml and 50ml

Fertiliser for more demanding plants such as stem plants.

ALL ABOUT        

Complete Pro is a balanced mixture of a broad range of macro- and micro-nutrients in a stabilised form, specifically formulated for freshwater aquariums with more demanding plants. Complete Pro contains everything necessary for well planted aquariums with CO2 dosing and high-output lighting. 

Primary macro nutrients ratio:

 Nitrate Phosphate Potassium
10 1 17


Secondary macro nutrients ratio:

 Magnesium Sulphur
1 4


Micro-nutrients percentage in 100 ml of fertiliser

 Iron Manganese Copper Molybdenum
0.2% 0.048% 0.005% 0.005%
Zinc Boron Cobalt
0.026% 0.022% 0.0006%


DOSAGE GUIDE               

Add half cap (5ml) per 100L (26gal) of aquarium water, three times per week.

After one-month, test Nitrate (NO3) and increase dosage to four times per week if NO3 is below 5ppm. Reduce dosage to two times per week if above 10ppm.

Best used in conjunction with CO2 dosing and high output lighting. 


Keep away from children and sunlight. Shake before use.