Coral Essentials Dipping & Pest Solutions

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Key Features

Both products are perfect for the avid fragger and coral collector. Whether introducing new corals to your system or treating freshly cut frags for disinfecting.

Dipping requirements:

REEF KI3 Dipping Solution - Dilute by using 2 ml in each 1L of salt water.

FW DIP Dipping Solution - Dilute 1ml of Coral Power FW Dip per 1 litre of saltwater from your system. Place the new corals so they are fully submerged in the solution for a period of 30sec - 1 minute. Shake the coral vigorously in the solution using a twisting motion to remove the flatworm from the coral structure. Then rinse in saltwater in a separate container before returning to your tank.  Repeat the process in 7 days if required to break the breeding cycle.

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Care Instructions

Always read the label carefully and never expose your corals to more than 2ml per 100L of aquarium water in an established tank.

Always treat new or infected corals in a separate quarantine tank.

All these microelements should only be used in conjunction with a reputable ICP analysis company. We try to match every element found in natural seawater and as close to levels present in their natural environments. Only with consistent ICP analysis can you feel confident your corals are receiving absolutely every micro element that they would in the wild. 


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