Coral Essentials Carbon and Zeolite

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The all new Coral Essentials Advanced Carbon and Reef Zeolite are the 2 staples of any thriving, crystal clear aquarium. Cheap, easy and both of the highest grade available  in the aquarium industry. 


Advanced Carbon

Coral Essentials, Advanced Carbon is a concentrated source of high grade powdered calcium. High grade activated, bituminised carbon to help you polish your water by removing dissolved organics and remove unwanted/excess heavy metals.
Supplied with a mesh bag made entirely of plastic including the zipper for your convenience.


Reef Zeolite

Coral Essentials Reef Zeolite is a highly porous natural stone that has many useful properties that make it an indispensable item in your aquarium filtration system.  
Now it's easy to absorb unwanted ammonia before it breaks down into nitrate and also houses bacteria to help break down other unwanted compounds in the aquarium such as phosphate. A great back up and redundancy to any aquarium. 


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