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2 Foot (60cm) DALUA Ecosystem

Your dream system, you build it, you design it

Your dream system, you build it, you design it


DALUA Ecosystem 2 Foot (60cm) cube 


What equipment will you go for? You have full control! Starting from the top -

1) Choose between 1 or 2 Illumagic Blaze X mini's (the perfect accessory is the dual mount to hang or with a mounting arm). We've included this package with 2 Blaze Mini's and the rear mounting arm.

2) Marco Rocks are the perfect most natural looking aqua-scaping rocks on the market. We've put together a nice ratio that should suit most tanks of this size. A combination of Foundation, Base and Shelf rock all combine for that spectacular scape! Approximately 50kgs should do just fine for this aquarium size. 

3) The Pax Belllum algae (ARID) reactor. This will keep all that nuisance algae in check and your pH nice and stable 24/7!  N18 is what we suggest. 

4) The MRC X-3 reactor, is a nice simple way of adding extra chemical filtration to your tank such as Blue Life Clear FX carbon or any other media you prefer to control. Simply throw it in the reactor (mesh bags always preferred). 

5) The Great White Skimmer (GW-7). DALUA's claim to fame. This is the ultimate filtration and oxygen generator for your fish and corals. Watch that collection cup fill with tank waste and empty out when necessary.

6) The Great White Return Pump (GW-3,000LPH/790gph) is the heart of your system. Pumping water around your aquarium from filtration to the main display all day long. 

7) The Ekoral dosing pump makes coral growth easy! It allows you to automate daily dosing schedules of your main DALUA supplements - calcium, alkalinity, magnesium and coral nutrition. You'll get one of each bottle in this package. 

8) 225mL Blue Life Clear FX Pro is your perfect water purifier! High quality carbon with added phosphate and nitrate removers make this the easiest set and forget chemical filtration method on the market. Also check out their resins for that ultra specific approach to nutrients reduction whether that be nitrate, phosphates or organics. 

9) Coral Essentials Black Label triple pack. The ultimate secret sauce once your tank is mature enough and your corals are looking for that next level lift. 

10) The Ekoral Lite controller + power bar takes aquarium control to the next level. Set alerts and monitor your temperature and pH (ORP as an accessory and salinity in the future). Turn equipment on and off with rules and schedules. 

11) All the nutrition and elements your corals need with the DALUA Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium + Traces and the new 4th bottle of Coral Nutrition (500ml) which is a blend of aminos, fatty acids and vitamins. 

12) Flow is everything and the VCA random flow generator changes the whole dynamic of your aquarium flow instantly. Plugs right into the output of your aquarium whether that be Cade, Waterbox or most other brands.

13) We love the Cade aquariums so much we used them as the standard 2 foot aquarium system. This model is the S2 S600