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Ekoral Lite Monitor

Wireless monitoring & control of your aquarium


Wireless monitoring & control of your aquarium


EKoral Lite - the future of aquarium automation - Built-in WiFi, the most user friendly app and connection process on the market. With a temperature probe, pH probe and a 4 channel wireless PowerBar - your aquarium is safe, secure and always in the palm of your hands!


With similar functions and controls as it's big brother the EKoral Pro, the EKoral Lite is priced at a much more affordable price to enter the market with your first aquarium controller and monitor . With only some basic controls missing such as an ORP and salinity probe (which can be easily added in the future) and an 8 channel PowerBar, all other features and controls are the same!

Cloud control with built in wifi now means you can view, monitor and control your aquarium from anywhere int he world, on the most beautifully designed app on the market!


One of the coolest features of the EKoral lite is the 4 channel wireless PowerBar. This gives you the flexibility to add more PowerBars in the future and even control other aquariums around the house from the one app. So simple and no need to be wired to the main EKoral lite module. 

ekoral lite aquarium monitor


Monitor and Control

  • Temperature Probe
  • PH Probe
  • 4 x Outlet Power Bar
  • 24VDC Accessories

 ekoral lite dalua australia

What's in the box?

1x EKoral Lite Core Unit

1x PowerBar 4 Channel

1x Temperature Probe

1x PH Probe

1x 7.0pH Calibration Solution Packet

1x 10.0pH Calibration Solution Packet


Connect and control your aquarium from anywhere in the world

24-Hour Real-time Monitoring

Continuously measures water quality such as Ph, temperature, (salinity and ORP very soon)

Alerts and notifications

- Set your safety ranges and your device will tell you when out of range
- View important information such as Ph, temperature and level sensors 
- Accurate and in real-time

IF > Then rules without coding

- Set IF>THEN rules for turning on and off key equipment in your aquarium

- One button easy set up for any rules you can think of