Single Random Flow Generators

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Key Features

Create random flow in any aquarium and work with any aquarium


1/4" nozzles great for aquariums 0-80 litres

1/2" nozzles great for aquariums 80-300 litres

3/4" nozzles great for aquariums 300-1000 litres

What’s in the box:

1 x FLEX Random Flow Nozzle

2 x Original Locline knuckles

2 x Multidaptors

Shipping Info

Fast and cheap.

Care Instructions

These 3d printed nozzles are very hardy, but it's always a good idea to remove and rinse them with clean water every month or so. This prevents blockages and keeps flow at their maximum

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Totally random flow

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Compatible With All Aquariums

Flow is king. Simply plug and play to any aquariums outlet for totally random flow instantly! 

Need help to choose?

Choosing the right pre-configured flow kit for your aquarium has never been easier. Download our compatibility list and find the right kit