Life Support Bundle

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Key Features

Everything controllable

All items with feed modes included

Future proof for most aquariums

Bundle and save


Dimensions as per individual item

Each device power - DC 24V

What’s in the bundle:

1 x Great White Skimmer

1 x Great White Return Pump

1 x Great White Wave Maker

Shipping Info

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Care Instructions

We stand by our 1 year warranty for any controller, pump block or power supply issue.

Check the impellers for snails or debris. Check seals, O-rings and connections for corrosion and damage. Use aquarium safe silicon grease to put it back together for best results.

And be sure to always make sure the bottom bushell is placed back on the internal impellor after cleaning.

Be very careful when removing the skimmer collection cup. Be sure to twist all the way and lift only when in the unlocked position. Lifting the cup prior to unlocking will break the locking teeth at the base of the cup.

Everything controllable

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Fast delivery and free returns

Over 100,000 happy aquariums

Any Size, Any Bioload

The three major components of every life support system. Flow, Pumps and Protein Skimming. All-inclusive bundle deals. A complete range for any size aquarium and with longevity in mind. Each piece of equipment is perfectly selected to get the results you need now and into the future.  

Multiple Modes, Precise Tuning And Silence

Everything DC controllable. Choose you're required flow, pump speeds and protein skimming power. Shut all devices off for a pre selected time for tank feeding. There's no results you can't achieve with the bundle deal life support systems 

0-400L Aquariums - GW-7 Skimmer, 6,000lph Wave maker, 3,000lph Return Pump

400-600L Aquariums - GW-12 Skimmer, 10,000lph Wave Maker, 4,000lph Return Pump

600-800L Aquariums - GW-17 Skimmer, 15000lph Wave Maker, 6,000lph Return Pump

800-1,000L Aquariums - GW-22 Skimmer - 20,000lph Wave Maker, 12,000lph Return Pump

1,200L Aquariums + - GW-30 Skimmer - 2 x 25,000lph Wave Maker, 12,000lph Return Pump

Download your best use guide below:

Now with the added 1,500lph pump !